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As a vehicle owner you always have three options:


1. Sell your vehicle on your own

Research your value, set a price, advertise it and hope that you get enough exposure to get serious offers that don’t want you to be their banker. 

We can also purchase your vehicle from you for the current wholesale value.

2. Trade it in

You will certainly get less “real” value than a retail or consumer purchase price - however, you won’t have to recondition it or dress it up.  

Fix any and all those little and sometimes big things that need to be fixed.  

You’ll get the sales tax reduction by paying taxes on the difference between the vehicle you purchased and the one that you traded in.

3. Consign it!  

When we consign your vehicle, YOU set the price, YOU determine what you need for your vehicle.

YOU also pay nothing (a seller fee) until your vehicle sells, if it doesn’t sell you also pay nothing, but YOU do get the benefit of several websites and lots of retail exposure. 

YOU get our sales staff promoting and selling your vehicle with all serious offers being presented.

We can accept trade-ins on these consignment sales that end up as part of our inventory and help get YOUR vehicle sold.

We can arrange the financing for these buyers, something YOU would never want to get involved in with selling your vehicle but will increase the chances of getting top dollar for YOUR vehicle without the risk of accepting payments.

Additional Info:

Consigning is a Great Option When:

  •  Your vehicle is an extra vehicle and you don’t need the value immediately.
  •  Your vehicle is in excellent condition and is ready for sale.
  •  You want more for your vehicle than the current trade-in or wholesale values because it is a unique or hard to find vehicle.

WHY Consign?

  •  Get top dollar for your vehicle
  •  No promoting & advertising required by you
  •  You control the price & what you will get
  •  Selling fee is only charged once it has sold
  •  Don't need to finance or accept a trade (We do that)
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